JD GitHub Backup

Download backups of many GitHub repositories at once

When an organization wants a sense of security, one thing may be obtaining backups of all the repositories which are on GitHub. Existing solutions are typically scripted, meaning the person performing the backup must be knowledgable. However, business owners want the ability to have a sense of control. This solution allows virtually anybody to easily obtain backup copies of all GitHub repositories in an easy-to-use interface.

NOTE: This project is in active development, and is not in 100% working condition yet. It is however working for the most part, and just lacking some various things which I have yet to implement.

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  • Obtain complete list of repositories from a given user or organization
  • Access Token gives you access to any private repositories tied with the account
  • Sort the list based on any given criteria
  • Check on any repositories you wish to download, or check all
  • Download all checked repositories with one click
  • Download progress shows in taskbar

Coming Soon

  • Tray icon providing quick access to regular downloads
  • Filter to narrow down your repositories
  • Preset selection of repositories based on recent downloads
  • Automatic backup downloads via Windows Service